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PASAJ on Medyascope, Şehir Hepimizin program

"This week on the Şehir Hepimizin program, we talk to curator and cultural entrepreneur Zeynep Okyay about PASAJ, an art initiative consisting of artists, curators and cultural professionals. PASAJ is a project space used for various activities (exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks) in the field of contemporary art and runs residency programs. PASAJ, which has changed five different locations in Istanbul since 2010, has come to the forefront each time by connecting with the local elements of its neighborhood. In our conversation with Zeynep Okyay, we talk about the story of PASAJ, the initiative currently located in the historical Barın Han in Çemberlitaş, and its upcoming projects."

Prepared and presented by the Istanbul Hepimizin Initiative,

Abdullah Ezik and Zeynep Nur Ayanoğlu's guest: Zeynep Okyay

"An Independent Art Initiative: PASAJ"

Photo credit: Bir Özgürlük ve Muhalefet Karagözü, Caspar Pauli & Birgit auf der Lauder, PASAJ Karaköy, 2018


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