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Phoenix Project started!

Very happy to announce that I take part of Phoenix Archaeological Project. Along with the scientific purposes of PAP, there will be public programs designed for local people at Taşlıca and Söğüt.

I, Aslı Dinç. and Aslıhan Güçlü implement the contemporary art program. It consists the other public program named ‘Upper Town’ encourages people to take a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to artmaking and research-led creative practice. Our primary goal in this project is to bring artists and the archaeologist together and allow them both independently and collaboratively to reflect the meanings of the material and visual culture, arts, and heritage in different ways. Pyscho geographic tours that the artists will conduct will hint at them to visualize the past. And to observe the transformation or the metamorphosis of the ancient Phoenix and its two-thousand-year-old stories. We truly believe that the link between contemporary art practice and archaeological study will turn over a new leaf in the 21st century.


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