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New ways of communication through sounds

Sound of Curiosity Final Event
moderated by Zeynep Okyay and Seçil Yaylalı
A talk with the artist Giuseppe Gavazza

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Sound of Curiosity is a project of making sounds, listening to them, wondering and communicating with each other through sounds. It is implemented between May and November 2021 with the participation of young people from Turkey and Albania. The aim of the project is to initiate new intercultural dialogues by writing, reading, and sound art as a contemporary art practice.
In this final event of the project, we will host composer, artist, and teacher Giuseppe Gavazza. The talk held in English, moderated by the PASAJ team, will be shaped by the artist's creative processes and collaborations with his sound works

BİS - Beden İşlemsel Sanatlar Derneği, İstanbul, Turkey
Zeta Galeri, Albania
Valentina Koca

PASAJ & Zeta Galeri

Workshop leaders:
Seçil Yaylalı (PASAJ, BIS), Zeynep Okyay (PASAJ, BIS),
Albana Shoshi (Jordan Misja Art School), Marko Stamenkovic (independent curator)

Guest Lecturer:
Ali Uygur Erol

Damla Akkaya, David Agolli, Dilan Akkaya, Elif Kesebir, Era Bajo,
İrem Ekiz, İrem Kalmaz, Kristi Bani, Mehmet Köroğlu, Mehmet Ronael, Merve Düzgün, Mia Sulku, Orgito Qose, Paskualina Lleshaj Zehra Tokmak

Sound of Curiosity is supported by READ – Regional Network for Cultural Diversity funded by the European Commission. READ is implemented by the Goethe-Institut as a lead partner and 5 partner organizations from the region: CBC Loja (NMK), Instituti I Librit dhe i Promocionit, Kalem Culture Association (Turkey), Krokodil (Serbia), Qendra Multimedia (Kosovo). Daha Azını Gör

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