Taşlıca Table

in the scope of the Phoenix Archaeological Project
by Phoenix Archaeological Project Contemporary Art Program
with Aslı Dinç, Aslıhan Güçlü and Zeynep Okyay

photo by Aslı Dinç.jpg

Photo by Aslı Dinç

Taşlıca, the last village of Bozburun Peninsula, is one of the best-preserved settlements in the region with its 2500-year-old husbandry, agriculture and food and vine culture. Taşlıca Table in collaboration with artists is based on the participation and interaction of the local people on topics such as micro memory and oral history of Taşlıca region. It is a place open to discussion, sharing and collective production. The e-book to be published at the end; mapping studies, art prints and records.

Taşlıca Table, which emerged due to the lack of places for local communities to come together,  aims to eliminate social disconnection.

Local knowledge in the region is very valuable; history and assets of the ancient settlement, urban memory, public research and production on topics such as discourses, narratives and oral history We believe it will contribute to its history. In this context, the project includes the family memories of the local people and the collective cultural history of the region; playgrounds, walking It will be valued with its routes, meeting places, botanical assets and food culture discoveries.

Continuing the project together with the local people is one of the top priorities of the program. don't do it together The aim of the practice is to create a community dynamic in the village. The project is actively involved with a common experience It focuses on the necessity of opening a space for the production where we can be. A didactic study rather than structure, it is aimed to be realized with interactive and cooperative learning techniques.