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Things we never forget 

a project by Zeynep Okyay
This project was created during the I-team program of Relais Culture Europe and implemented in Bergerac with the network of Alimentation Générale.

My grandmother had to move from Bulgaria to Turkey with her family when she was 9 years old. She had to learn to speak and write in another language, to make new friends, to live in a new environment. Her family was working day and night. She was missing deeply her childhood in Bulgaria, her friends, and neighbors.

Even today she talks to her friends on the phone from that time. Her friends do not speak Turkish and my grandmother forgot Bulgarian, there are only a few words and sentences. When they can't communicate with each other, they sing songs they learned together in their childhood and hang up silently...

With this project, I wanted to reach people who can no longer practice the language they learned in the first place or their children who learn songs or lullabies from their parents. For each story they shared, I feel grateful.

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