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a new podcast project 


"It consists of "tık"s and "tıktıka"s. 

The talks sometimes proceed as monologues, they are "tıks" on their own. 
It is a series of 1 - 5 minute speeches. 

The dialogues are set up as tıktıka. tıktıka is the name of the sound produced by two stones touching each other in Ottoman Turkish. Two or more people who are likely to interact with each other are brought together and invited to speak and criticize. It consists of 20-minute episodes on average.

Their contact may result in a spark.

It can cause a rupture. It can create new dualities.

Inspired by all these possibilities, tıktıka is a place of expression for those who need to deepen as well as practice making. 

tıktıka is conceptualized and presented by Zeynep Okyay.
Sound recordings and edits by Ali Uygur Erol, logo and visuals by Selin Atik. 

Recordings are podcasted fortnightly on Thursdays at 19.00 in Açık Radyo Açık Dergi, the podcast archive is available on Açık Radyo website,  Spotify Podcast 

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