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Presentation of INdictionary
during Unblocking 

independent art as social necessity workshop


18th - 22nd of January 2016 - TAK (Kadıköy) organized by amberPlatform (İstanbul) for iTeam meeting by RCE (Paris) in collaboration with Bunker (Ljubljana) and Terra Musica (İstanbul)


Presentation of the Dictionary of Independent Art Spaces at "Independent as a social necessity" workshop led by Ekmel Ertan (amberPlatform). This project aims to define “independent art space” as a concept with its characteristics and functions. The purpose of the project is to differentiate the tools of the privatized arts and their alternatives. Today so outrageous prices are spoken, so aggressive competitions are running, in the contemporary art scene, that the environment the independent art spaces try to build seems like enthusiasm or hobby. They often face the prejudice of failure, because they never fit to what the mainstream capitalist system expects from them: sustainability, career management, regular working hours, good salary, business plans, swot analysis and so on. However, independent organizations are very important in terms of balancing existing forces in the artistic environment and democratizing the contemporary art scene. Besides arts and culture, they don’t have a direct relationship with marketing or sales, do they?

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