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herefuture started today!

Happy to share the news that we are invited to Fresh A.I.R.#6 #scholarship program hosted by Stiftung Berliner Leben, Urban Nation Musem. Aslı Dinç ( and I followed our common motivation in this project that we built together. While we were sharing the difficulties of expression we experienced, the restriction of our freedom of expression, the status problems, and even what we could not say for the sake of political correctness, the idea of writing a project on the future came to our mind: The future is a common unknown for all of us, a phenomenon that has not yet been set. "Can we forge the commons of an unrealized time and space on a more equal ground with a speculation of the future?" we thought.

herefuture communicates with the city and its residents, inviting them to participate in playful workshops and surveys. We believe that the keywords and ideas that will emerge from the recorded survey and workshop processes will also give clues about the needs of the time we live in.

For our research-based performative project, we will be in Berlin till April.


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