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On the Index of Independents and Collective Working Practices

Ortanormal #5: On the Index of Independents and Collective Working Practices Orta Format brings its 29th issue to the digital environment and focuses on the post-Covid-19 strategies and alternative organizing methods of actors working in the field of contemporary art. By taking the issue of economic and organizational sustainability, which has been our main focus for a while, one step further; we listen to different actors in the field of contemporary art. AmberPlatform and PASAJ independent art space are the fifth guests of this update, which we realized via Zoom in order to create a warm discussion space and to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved simultaneously. Are they independents? Are they working together? amberPlatform and PASAJ are two organizations working in solidarity. Hayy Open Space aims to make independents visible and accessible, and to mobilize their own resources through collaboration and sharing, with the Independents Index mapping method they developed together with the 6x6x6 and Halka Art Project. PASAJ explores the nature and structure of being collective in the period 2020-2021. In his research-based project called The future has desires, he focuses on the motivations, working practices and methods of art formations working in a collective structure. In this speech, we discussed the starting points, development process, potential and needs of the two projects with the members of amberPlatform and PASAJ, with the active participation of the participants. (Intro Design: Fatma Karslıoğlu Design: Şener Soysal)


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